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Hi everyone,

That took a while… again. It was really my plan to blog consistent and more often, but it’s been so busy.  Anyway, I will start with this article and I hope you like it!

A few weeks ago already I had an amazing weekend in Caledonia with all the exchange students. I posted an overload of pictures on facbook, so I will just put in a few pictures as an appreciation post, because I love them.



Last blogpost I wrote that school is not really a highlight, but now I actually like it! I mean it is still school, but the people are fun and the teachers are also nice. My favorite courses are French and Creative Writing. In French we did a few weeks ago ”icecream-day”, so that was very yummy and we brought all in different toppings. Also my French teacher brought in the best bread that they have here in America, French butter and the chocolate sprinkles who were the most similar to ”hagelslag”. So sweet! Also I had my presentation about my country in sociology, which went really well. Me and my group dressed up in orange T-shirts and wore dutch braids in our hair. The class loved the stroopwafels and choco-kruitnoten (thanks pap!)  and I made them fan of OG3NE. I could not show the Dutch rap, that would have been American high school inappropriate, haha.



We also had again a team-bonding with the volleyball team. They love also the stroopwafels ahaha. And we had senior night, which was an amazing evening and very American! For the dutchies: every varsity sports team in school has senior night, an evening when there is an usual game, but the seniors in the team our honoured by the other girls because this is their last year. So the gym was all decorated in the school colors, we got senior gifts and posters from our little sisters (thank you Mattison! <3). We lost unfortunately, but it was such an happy evening.



I also went with Charles (exchange student) and Evelyn to the football game in Caledonia against Avon. Avon lost but it was fun though. And I got my first YoBerry – frozen yoghurt – with Mackenzie. It was goood. And yesterday I went to Rebecca’s play! The play was so good and she did such a great job. I went with Evelyn, so that was fun and we met my French teacher there. I loved it! Last week I was homesick, but since last night I feel a little better.


Until next time,

Liefs & love,



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