Halloween & The Little Mermaid

America was the last couple of weeks all in the Halloween spirit. I had a very fun Halloween experience: first of all, me, as a scared chicken, went to a haunted house, the barn of terror. I screamed and sweared literally so hard and I ran through it. I had also a Halloween party with the Rotary exchange students (I carved a pumpkin for the first time!) and I went trick or treating with a lot of people from school. And I went to The Little Mermaid with my 3rd hostmom Laurie, which was so great! I’ll tell you all about it if you keep reading :).


We were supposed to dress up, so I was as ”little red riding hood”, and wore I a red cape and space buns because I thought that was fun haha. It was so good to see everyone again! We carved pumpkins, which I had never done before. It was pretty gross, but fun to make. Also some other little games and a lot of food and Halloween candy.


Last Sunday I went to The Little Mermaid, which was amazing! It was like a dream, I love Disney and musicals so it was amazing. I loved the scene of ”kiss the girl” and also ”under the sea” was so fun. Always when I see a musical like this I want to spontanious become a musicalstar, aha lol. Thank you so much Laurie for taking me!



Trick and treating was really fun! First we had pizza at Toko’s house with the volleyball girls and then later a group of us went to the town to actually trick or treat. It was pretty busy and most of the houses were very Halloween style. Later we ran into the whole cross country team (all boys + Rebecca) so then I went walking further with her. Oh and I saw a little boy in a Dombo costume, and it was the best Halloween costume which I had ever seen. So cute, it made my day. I got lots of candy and chocolate haha. I loved it.

I had some really nice activities the past week. Now it’s back to school. Volleyball has ended and theater has begun, but that is pretty fun, although today was kinda boring. Also, I came to the conclusion that it’s going to be a rough winter for me, because it is only October and it is (in Celsius) just a few degrees above zero (!). And like twenty minutes away,  snow has already fallen. Woops. Anyway, I’m still enjoying and I hope you liked my article.

Liefs & love,



5 Replies to “Halloween & The Little Mermaid”

  1. Love the blog! Love you!!!

    1. Yesss, love you too julie❤️

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the play. I did too. It’s the 1st of many fun and memorable things I hope to provide for you and with you. ❣️

  3. Laurie Vonglis says: Reply

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the play. I did too. It’s the 1st of many fun and memorable things I hope to provide for you and with you. ❣️

    1. So sweet, thankyou!💕

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