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Hi everyone!

So, it’s been a while (again!), but here is a new blogpost.  I have been very busy and everytime I was like: ”oooh i should write about this, and this and omg there is too much happening.” So in this article I will just summarize the highlights of the last couple of weeks.

  • Niagara Falls

This is already three weeks ago and I wanted to write a whole blogpost about this, but I just did not have the time. But it was amazing! I went with my hostfamily and it was a beautiful day. We made many pictures (which I will share below) and we walked under the waterfall, with very fashionable yellow raincapes and slippers haha. This was one of the places to visit which was very high on my bucketlist, so I’m glad I have been there and I hope I can go in winter again.


  • Drive in

This was such a great evening! I went to the drive in with Dana and John and it was so much fun. We went to the movies: home again and baby driver and they were both very nice! We made an whole cosy bed with lots of pillows and blankets in the back of the car and we ate lots of cookies, chips, sour candy and ice tea❤️.

  • My first baseball game

I went to a baseball game of the red wings in Rochester  with the family Carney and Tabata (an exchange student from Ecuador, who was here a few years ago) and it was a great experience! I didn’t understood all the rules, but I know that they won haha and I just cheered with the family. And I had a garbage cup, which looked disgusting, but it was actually very good (I don’t have a picture).  And after that I had a great dinner with Tabata and Ed at the Texas Steakhouse, and the portions were big haha, like real American big.

  • Reunited with Claudia

Also I saw Claudia again! My Italian exchange friend. Ed showed Claudia and me around the farm and we had a delicious dinner at Dom’s place. Lots of laughs and fun and sunny pictures!

  • Dig pink

With the volleyball team we had dig pink day. We and junior varsity had a game and there was a fundraising for breastcancer, so we wore white tutus and pink t-shirts all day. It was so fun! It also felt very American. 😉


  • Midnight cookies & shopping with Dana

We went shopping for a homecoming dress at the east view mall. That mall is sooo pretty. In the night we went for a drive and we got cheesecake, walked through Wegman’s, got the best cookies from Rochester (jummm, so delicious) and sang again our cheesy catchy playlist. Loved it.

  • Went to a theatre show of Briar

Last week, I went with Cathy and her husband to a theatre show of her daughter, Briar. It was so nice to meet her and after the show we went for dinner at the cheesecake factory. I had a giant (!) oreo cheesecake and it was literally so good. Not for dinner though haha, it was my dessert. Briar showed me also the college of Nazareth (so so so pretty) and where she lives on the campus. Super cool to see! Oh and I love Rochester.

  • Shopping and Italian dinner with Eliza and Ed

Just a fun evening, with sweet birthday girl Eliza and grandpa Ed, and again good food. (lots of dinners here)

  • Homecoming

My first American schooldance! It was fun, although the music was so bad and yeah the dutch parties are better haha. But it was a nice experience and I can’t wait for the next dance. Down below some pictures, sorry for the overload this article.



Well I guess these were my highlights. School is not really a highlight haha, but it is okay. I am glad I dropped chorus (well oh well..) and that I took French, because French is so much fun!

I hope you liked this article and hopefully the next blog will be there soon!

Liefs & love,







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