Arrival & first days

Hi everyone,

So this is my first blogpost! Yesterday I arrived at 5:15 PM in Rochester. The goodbyes were hard, but my flights and going through costums and security went super fast, luckily. I was kinda terrified for the flights and I didn’t really enjoy my flight to Detroit, because the airplane had turbulence and it was just a really long flight for me. I met a dutch girl on the plane, who was sitting next to me, so when we arrived in Detroit I walked with her and some other dutch guys through customs and we got our luggage. Then I made some calls to my mom and dad and I ate my first sandwich in America. The airport in Detroit was really pretty and modern, so I enjoyed being there for a while. Then it was time to board the airplane for Rochester, and the plane was so tiny and little! I really enjoyed that flight, it was already over before I knew it. Then at the Rochester airport, my first host family was waiting for me, and also Cathy, Ed, Julie and her husband Jim were there. Everyone is so kind and it was a warm welcome!


After we got my luggage (which also went super fast), we went to a salad place, where Dana, my host sister, works. It was very good (and I got my first doggy bag:)). After that we rode through Avon, and it is a very nice place. All the houses here are so cute. When we arrived in the house, I met all the four dogs and two cats (and a chatty bird!). The dogs and cats are very sweet, although I’m still learning their names.  Only the chickens aren’t my friends yet, but I did feed some of them out of a bucket. I slept well my first night, only very short. Then, this morning we went to the grocery store (Wegman’s), and it was so big. Like, really, really super big. In the afternoon, Cathy, Ed and Dom came by for cupcakes and I went on the trampoline (I learned how to do a backflip, although I can only do it with the help from a harnas, lol). Later, I went to the Walmart and Target with Dana and a friend of hers. Oh, btw, the license plates are so cool here! It was a lovely day.

So this coming week my volleyball training will start, it is five days a week, three hours a day, very intensive haha. And next weekend I am having the inbound introduction weekend, which I’m really excited for.

Until next time,


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  1. Have fun lovely😘


  2. verander ff je lettertype manmanman

    1. zeikwijf

      1. Was naar Emma

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