101 days in the States!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, again. There will be coming more articles this month, with Christmas and next weekend I am going to New York City! So excited. Actually I had a whole plan to write a blogpost about ”a 100 days in America”, but I totally forgot that I was yesterday 100 days in the states, because it was such a busy day. Anyway, today a blogpost about a 101 days in the States, as in like 101 Dalmatians, you know. 😉 Hope you enjoy this blog, about Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, Yellow-Bowl and moving to a new family!

I finally saw Claudia again! Ed, Claudia and me did our ”friendsgiving” dinner and then we walked through the mall, learned each other some Dutch and Italian lines and got a delicious icecream. You might know the quotes about icecream as therapy, this was literally the happiest icecream ever. It was pink -raspberry- and they mixed it with white chocolate chunks and rainbow sprinkles. So so so good. It was a really fun evening!


Thanksgiving itself was great, it was my last day with my first hostfamily. We ate a big turkey and ofcourse pumpkin pie. Dana and John (my first host siblings) are in Vermont now, for their ski/snowboard program and I hope they are going to have lots of fun! Then the day after I went Black Friday shopping with Becca and her mum and that was soooo much fun!! We got some really pretty boots, so I am so happy with them. And I thought it was going to be crazy busy, but it was less busier than I expected. Amsterdam is way worse during the holidays haha. Oeh and I got my picture with Santa Claus! So I met the real Santa Claus for the first time and he was very sweet, I only forgot to tell them what I want for Christmas. 😉

Also I joined a big tradition at Julie’s: the jello-bowl: where thanksgiving and violence come together. We had a big intense football game with all the friends and family (my team won wiieeh), and after that a lot of very good food. It was nice to meet all the family and it was a very fun day. When I came home, my new hostfamily had all friends over, and again I had a great dinner.


I just moved in to my new family. They have a puppy, called Odin and he is such a cutie. Ofcourse he is a puppy so he has lots of energy and he is quit busy, but in the evening when he’s tired… Well you can see it on the picture :). Can’t wait for all the new adventures with this family! Now Thanksgiving is done, so we can listen to Christmas music and Iook forward to Christmas. Today I did all my homework, so I’m ready for the week and then on Friday off to NYC. So excited. I can’t wait , I wanted to go there since I was little and now I get to go with all people I love. Happy to be here with such great people around me, amazing places to see and things to do. Grateful that I am already 101 days in the States.

Liefs & love,


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